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Comment Spamming on Instagram

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

This topic may be something that you're thinking to yourself, "It won't happen to me," but as Instagram tries to crack down on comment bots and abusive comment spammer's. Every day people are getting caught in the crossfire.

What is comment spamming?

You may not think you're commenting is spam, but as Instagram cuts down on the approximate 150 million fake accounts. Instagram may take your 8-10 comments in a short window as spam. Therefore you will get blocked for a while.

We're speaking solely from experience as a client of ours was caught in the crossfire. From what they thought was an everyday routine of liking and commenting on posts and stories, Instagram saw that as spam. So we dove into understanding what went wrong asap.

Here we're our findings

If this is your first offence, you'll be blocked from commenting or other features for 2 hours, give or take. But sometimes what we've found this can be treated as a 2nd or 3rd offence, where you can be blocked from 24-48 hours to a week, to even a month. Our reference

To dive deeper, to explain what happened, so it doesn't happen to you. We comment and like on your behalf, but what happened was unique. At that very moment, our client was doing the same. They're daily ritual. Commenting on 8-10 stories with the same emoji in a short window, partnered with our usual commenting and liking of posts in your genre, put us over the limit of 30-60 comments or likes within the 60-minute timeframe.

Therefore our client's profile was blocked from commenting or adding descriptions to posts for an amount of time.

"Our Solution"

Here's what we suggest you do if you don't want to get blocked. Keep in mind there is a limit to the number of likes or comments that you can do within a 60-minute timeframe as well your comments can't be the same emoji every time.

We would suggest to break it up. Add an emoji with a comment. Then back to an emoji. This isn't considered spam, repeating the exact comment within a short window, therefore you shouldn't get caught in the crossfire as Instagram tries to crack down on bots and spam accounts.

From our experience let us show you how it's done. So you don't deal with a similar situation. Contact us today!

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