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10 Steps to getting started on Facebook in 10 Minutes

Facebook Pages vs. Groups


A Facebook Group can be closed and administered by an admin attached to your business. This can lead to more powerful engagement. Each Facebook platform has its advantages and disadvantages; some of those are:

You can use Facebook ads to promote a Facebook Page, whereas you can't use these ads to promote a Facebook Group.

Within groups, to tag someone, they have to be members of the group, whereas Facebook Pages @tag away.


When it comes to sharing content, which content will resonate with your following? If you're fitness related like most of my clients, your posts could include tutorials, life events, news, and what's happening now.

I often tell my clients to spread their wings. Don't put all your eggs in one basket. Diversify, and you will grow. What I mean by this is simple. Building content on one of the other platforms other than Facebook will allow you to share across different brands, expanding your reach beyond your Facebook followers. 3. SHARING IS CARING

Facebook is a "Social" media platform. I believe in collaborating and building community within our posts within our various platforms. Helping one another grow will only help your business reach new heights.

By this, I mean it could include sharing other blog posts, videos, or even Facebook posts. (as long as it resonates with your followers)


If you are a brand wanting to grow, look through the previous steps I've listed. Groups on Facebook are a great way to find a new audience. But remember, you don't want only to share your own content. If you do this, it's considered "Content Spamming" to be considerate of the group you are in and make sure that your content resonates with the other group members. Engaging in other posts and sharing other content that you've found will only make you a Rising Star within that Facebook Group.

How to share a youtube video

It's so easy to find content, but how do you share it?

Press the share button, and if it won't allow you to share where you wanted to (If the page group isn't listed here the restrictions within the group's settings on Facebook won't allow it. You can set these when you make your Facebook group)

I used the sharing platform on Youtube as an example. Within one easy step, you have access to many different platforms, not just Facebook.


Facebook has a stranglehold on the messaging market, with Instagram messenger, Facebook Messenger and What's App. So how can Facebook Messenger help you with your business to engage with your customers?

Enabling answers to commonly asked questions within your backend will help your business engage with your followers without you being present.

Building an experience on Messenger can help get your business, product or service in front of more people. Whether you're launching a new product or driving awareness, conversation creates a meaningful connection with your business.

The differences between The Uk and USA for Facebook


Everyone knows consistency always wins the race. But there isn't any race when it comes to social media. No one knows how or when a video or post will go viral. If we did, it would be a very different world.

I created Healthy Media Management for people who didn't have time to create and schedule the content independently. I have used Hootsuite, Sprout Social and Later, realizing a constant change in API to Facebook and Instagram's backend, causing external platforms problems when posting. The platforms have glitches. Well, everything has glitches, but when it comes to a product made by Facebook for Facebook, there are fewer hoops to jump through.


It's not rocket science when it comes to making a video go viral. The constant battle with creators within the social media game is having your audience engage with your posts. Welcome to engagement points. A like, comment or share of your post are all engagement points to drive awareness towards your posts—more of these equals a viral post.

How do you create more engagement?

This can go back to the starting point of creating the piece of content you are sharing with your community. I always tell people to create content around "asking a specific question". What are people usually typing in to search for on Facebook, Google and YouTube? Adding these answers to specific questions to even your description with a call to action will almost immediately increase your engagement with your following. It's that easy.


You will hear so many social media marketers say, "Niche down, and you will blow up". They are right. When it comes to hashtags, do the same. I usually tell people if they aren't using our services to do some research on this topic. Find hashtags that aren't too small but aren't too big. Ranking for these hashtags through engagement points will change your audience overnight.

An example of this: (if your niche is fitness) What type of fitness are you demonstrating? Don't use #fitness instead; use #bodyweightfitness or #bodyweightexercises; these audiences are much narrower and will be easier for you to rank for.



Videos often speak much louder than words. But it's how the video is posted to build engagement from your followers and audiences that you are trying to reach. Everyone can post a video. But with so many video posts, how do you make it more engaging for your viewers?

This brings me to the final step.

10. HOW TO MAKE YOUR POST ENGAGING TO YOUR VIEWERS? Follow the steps I've listed above and put them together in engaging content for your viewers. I'll use some of my content from Youtube as an example. This video I rank for, adding 400-500 views/day every day.

How to do a facebook post

I try to start with the mindset, "Asking Specific Questions?"

Leading with an engaging title, I always try to follow with, "what is the post about?" This is your chance to keep it short but straight to the point.

Then add in a call to action. I try to add emoji's on Facebook and Instagram to make the post more appealing.

Finish off with the video link, removing the automatically placed video, with a screenshot of the video and "niched down" hashtags. The audience I was looking to reach is usually below 50,000 other posts about that hashtag.

If this is all too much for you, we offer our clients services that will increase engagement and help you find the audience that will resonate with what you are offering.

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